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RockShox Dart 2/3 Druckstufendämpfer 11.4015.03...
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ROCKSHOX Remote-Hebel Dart 2/3 Druckstufendämpfer &#160Typ: Druckstufe

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Te Wai Pounamu
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Te Wai Pounamu is a M ori name for New Zealand's South Island which is also sometimes referred to as Te Waka a Maui (The canoe of Maui), from mythology. Ng i Tahu, the principal M ori iwi (tribe) of the southern region of New Zealand, utilised the very hard greenstone (jade) to make adzes and other implements, as well as ornaments. Particularly valued was a paler nephrite which the M ori called inanga, gathered in a remote area near what is now called the Dart Valley. M ori named the district w hi pounamu, meaning "place of greenstone", and the South Island came to be called Te W hi Pounamu.

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