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The Thylacine's Lair
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The fascinating back stage world of a very nearly famous rock star, Brian Porker, as he bumps and seethes his way along on an international tour that includes the Down Under, the Up Above, and several points in between. The characters that populate Brian Porker's world resonate with personalities so oddly different from one another…An ex-magistrate crazed manager who books tours to far flung venues, a tour manager with connections, the long-legged roadie who seems to know everyone at every tour stop, the Stewardess From Hell, and an electronics nerd who wires guitars so they will sound great at sub-zero temperature…All working toward a goal: Brian Porker's world tour. A tour fraught with stress, sea eagles, suspicion, poison dart frogs, anger, lizards, antediluvian flash-backs, and Vodka Icebergs.

Anbieter: Thalia AT
Stand: 14.12.2019
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